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Certification and Compliance

We help you navigate the path to product certification, through proper design, and pre-certification testing.

Electronic products are subject to a bewildering array of type approval and interoperability certifications in order to gain access to market. Developing a successful product is a big enough challenge without the added worry of gaining the necessary type approvals and interoperability certifications to enable you to promote and sell it in your target market. Virscient has the expertise, systems, and equipment necessary to assist you in identifying, preparing for, and achieving the type approval and interoperability certifications that are important for your product.

In most domains the process of securing type approval for electronic products involves establishing compliance with regulations concerning some or all of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency (RF) emissions, and specific absorption rate (SAR). The detailed requirements and test procedures vary around the world, from FCC in the US, to CE in Europe, and others such as Industry Canada (IC). As such, identifying the requirements that apply to your product can be challenging.

Virscient can help smooth the path toward type approval for your products by advising on certification test requirements and procedures, undertaking hardware design review, performing RF pre-compliance testing in our laboratory, and working with you to diagnose and remedy any problem areas in your design in order to maximise your likelihood of first-time pass.

In addition to type approval, interoperability certification programmes such as those run by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG are also necessary for many wireless products. We can help you identify the certification/qualification test programmes and configurations that are most applicable to your product, and work with you to ensure that your products are prepared for the necessary testing at an accredited facility.

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