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Radio, RF, and Antenna Systems

We design and tune RF and antenna systems to meet the performance and form-factor needs of your product.

For product vendors incorporating wireless technologies, RF signal integrity and antenna design challenges present a minefield where revision, re-certification, and lost opportunity costs can become immense. Virscient can help you understand the challenges, and get your design right first time.

Proper application of RF circuit design techniques and careful consideration of antenna systems are both critical to achieving target product specification and EMC/regulatory compliance in products incorporating wireless technologies. This is the case irrespective of whether the product in question uses standards-based technologies such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or some bespoke or proprietary radio.

RF systems engineering is a specialist area that demands a skillset extending well beyond that required for basic analogue and mixed-signal hardware design. Combine this with the potential for interaction between radio and the high-speed digital logic that is integral to modern communications systems, and the RF systems engineer must possess an incredibly broad understanding across layers and technologies.

Virscient has considerable experience in the integration of wireless technologies into products, and can assist in the specification and design of platforms to meet your functional, performance, and compliance goals.

Our laboratory is furnished with the equipment and tools necessary to develop, validate, and troubleshoot modern wireless systems, including those necessary for antenna design, modelling, and impedance matching, transceiver characterisation and calibration, and general RF system analysis and fault-finding. 

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