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Specialist Engineering for Wireless Chipsets

Are you wanting to integrate wireless connectivity in your innovative product? Virscient are specialists in standards-based wireless and we provide licensable hardware and software solutions, and engineering services to accelerate your path to market.

With particular expertise and deep experience with wireless solutions, including Infineon’s AIROC™ offerings, Virscient provides PCB-level hardware engineering to support chip-on-board or modular integrations, custom RF front-end development and tuning, antenna design, and general circuit design.

We can deliver your software integration to Linux, RTOS, and bare metal platforms, and have licensable IP solutions to unlock a range of low-cost, low-power host MCUs not supported by the standard stacks. We can offer you extended services with productisation of many, various host MCU/processors and sensors/peripherals.

Whether optimising for performance, cost, or power consumption, Virscient can help to tune your implementation to meet the needs of your product and market.

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